I started to see Simone after a long period of difficult family events . I have never considered counselling before but recognised that I had reached the end of my reserves . Simone was reassuring and able to pick some key themes that ran through my current situation, and also my management of stressful events throughout my life .Helping me to find these patterns and giving me practical tips on how to change my understanding and actions has changed me. I no longer have anxiety, I am a better parent and daughter; I know that I can say no and have some boundaries that put me first . I know that my parent did the best she could and my anger no longer needs to taint that relationship. I know that my children are stronger than I think and I can let go.  Simone has been professional but empathic and skilled . I could not recommend her more highly . Thank you

Simone is a very level headed person.  I appreciate her insights and her understanding of others.  On the occasions I have turned to Simone for support with my teenage daughter, she has helped me understand where challenging behaviours might come from, and some solutions to deal with them.  She is a good listener and showed lots of genuine empathy towards both myself and my child.

I could talk totally freely to Simone who was there just for me, and she helped me unravel how I was feeling after the death of my father.

Simone has an uncanny knack of making you feel much calmer within minutes of talking to her, thanks to her soft Aussie accent and deep understanding of what makes people tick.  She turns mountains into molehills simply by chatting through problems, thoughts and feelings, breaking them down and giving solutions on how to deal with things both practically and emotionally.  You walk in with the weight of the world on your shoulders and walk out a lot lighter on your feet.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.