complete counselling

complete counselling is a private practice in Buxton in the High Peak. Parking is available for clients and the train station and town centre are a 10 minute walk. Sessions take place in a private, tailored consulting room.


The frequency of counselling appointments depends on the challenge you are working through, but most often sessions are scheduled once per week. Sessions may be scheduled more frequently if you are experiencing a crisis. As our work progresses, sessions may move to fortnightly or monthly.

The number of counselling sessions varies from person to person. We will regularly review our work together to ensure you are getting the most out of sessions.


Each counselling session is 1 hour, unless otherwise agreed. Each session is £45, paid at the session or via direct debit before the session.

Contact me for more information

For all new clients, I offer a free, no obligation initial telephone consultation where clients can ask all their questions and find out about the therapies that I offer. Please contact me if you would like to  discuss.